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Unified Data: The future of restaurant research, analytics & reporting

Unified Data provides the capability to accelerate and enhance restaurant/menu research and decision-making processes by means of a robust web platform, customizable feed, and data from 500,000+ menus across North America. Users can instantly identify notable trends and product opportunities.

Aiming to inspire ingenuity and innovation, Unified Data's online research, analytics, and reporting platform is powered by clean, comprehensive, and proprietary datasets and 40 billion+ contextual data points.

Chain Restaurants, Foodservice Manufacturers, Food Tech Companies: Unified Data is your solution for restaurant analytics & reporting.


Obtain instant feedback on new product concepts, operational changes, brand awareness, and any other questions you have for 36 million online restaurant consumers.

Strategic Opportunites

Receive exclusive access to proprietary data points on menu item level details - including pricing, promotional activity, and limited time offerings - that will elevate and amplify your go-to market strategies.

Market Dynamics

Support your research decisions with geo-specific level detail indexing. Easily identify menu and chain brand penetration, hot new operator concepts, and emerging menu innovations (like in-demand flavours).

Customer Acquisition

Learn all about your customer. Unearth everything there is to know about their intent to purchase, flavour profiles, and brand preferences.

Unified Data Specializes in Foodservice Our Sole Focus is on the Foodservice Industry.

Unified Data Member Benefits Include:

  • The expertise of numerous foodservice industry specialists combined with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.
  • An essential one-stop research platform containing intuitive dashboards that display data analytics for 36 million online restaurant consumers and 500,000+ menus.

Achieve unlimited success with Unified Data. Ignite your organization's innovative spirit and maximize its sales growth by utilizing our industry-leading restaurant data analytics and reporting tools.

Unified Data Exposes
Emerging Trends, Predicts Purchase
Behaviour and Tracks the Restaurant Brand
Criteria That Matters to You.

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Unified Data offers several foodservice data analytics and reporting products, including custom options. Whatever your data needs, Unified Data has the solution.

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