Case Study: A global beverage manufacturer is tracking its brand across menus

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Unified Data collects information from the menus of all North American restaurants that have a physical address and permanent location. Utilizing our robust consumer-facing menu discovery platform, we then pinpoint and analyze the consumer behaviour patterns found within 36 million+ North American-based searches performed on 500,000+ menus. This provides us with more than 40 billion data points that our proprietary algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence draws from to identify valuable consumer, menu, and ingredient trends and insights. Tracking North American restaurants with physical addresses also enables us to determine which ones are currently open, recently closed, or just newly opened. To ensure unerring accuracy, our platform and corresponding reports are updated monthly with new restaurants (newly opened, currently open, and closed), new menus (and changes to existing ones), adjusted hours of operation and other attributes such as current online ordering partners.


A global beverage manufacturer with a well-established and instantly recognizable brand wants to know how many Canadian full-service dining establishments include its beverage brand on their menus (i.e., what share of the market it’s already captured). It also wants to understand how its market share compares to competitors. Moreover, will its sales increase compared to its competitor if a full-service restaurant operator starts including the manufacturer’s branded beverages on its menu? A dataset that shows the share of full-service restaurant menus that include branded beverages (and those that don’t) will enable the manufacturer to identify its market share and create a sales strategy that targets the full-service restaurants that don’t currently include their branded beverages on their menus. A dataset with this level of detail can prove virtually impossible to get.


Unified Data provides the ideal solution: our Menu Connect restaurant menu data – specifically, the Canadian full-service dining segment dataset. The manufacturer quickly notices the preformatted report already available on Unified Data’s Menu Connect online portal that facilitates the categorization of beverage menu descriptions (including branded beverages). Within minutes, it has a detailed market share report in hand that displays beverage brand mentions, competitor brands, and a listing of restaurants that don’t yet include these beverages on their menus. In addition, the report includes details about each full-service restaurant, including concept, location, and 25+ other attributes. In the end, the manufacturer can see clear-as-day its brand share within the Canadian full-service dining segment even as a new sales strategy crystallizes before it (targeting the full-service dining brands that are customers but don’t yet list the branded beverages on their menus). Updated quarterly, the Beverage Brand Market Share Report also gives the manufacturer the ongoing opportunity to track the results of its sales strategy. Note that Menu Connect lists all branded menu descriptions (including all foodservice branded products), not just beverages.

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Track specific brands – including competitors – over time. Monitor brand sales in different restaurant segments and compare menus and pricing across multiple brands so you can make profitable decisions.

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