Case Study: A national quick-service chain identifies menu trends

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Unified Data collects information from the menus of all North American restaurants that have a physical address and permanent location. Utilizing our robust consumer-facing menu discovery platform, we then pinpoint and analyze the consumer behaviour patterns found within 36 million+ North American-based searches performed on 500,000+ menus. This provides us with more than 40 billion data points that our proprietary algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence draws from to identify valuable consumer, menu, and ingredient trends and insights. Tracking North American restaurants with physical addresses also enables us to determine which ones are currently open, recently closed, or just newly opened. To ensure unerring accuracy, our platform and corresponding reports are updated monthly with new restaurants (newly opened, currently open, and closed), new menus (and changes to existing ones), adjusted hours of operation and other attributes such as current online ordering partners.


A national quick-service chain with global operations wants to identify notable menu trends so it can provide popular and profitable menu options specific to local markets. It’s proving difficult, however, to pinpoint and comprehend menu trends and consumer purchasing behaviour within the quick-service segment in certain geographical areas. While analyzing its internal point-of-sale data in target markets gives it clues about local menu preferences, understanding the menus of its competition in those target markets would provide more information about opportunities, as well as local market food trends. Additionally, examining the pricing structure of its competitors’ menus would enable the chain to strategically position its menu pricing to gain a competitive edge. A dataset that provides menu-level detail about the competition (with pricing that is specific to target local areas) is the necessary solution.


Unified Data offers the ideal solution: our Menu Connect restaurant menu data – specifically, quick-service restaurants. Using Unified Data’s customizable online portal, the chain sets up its desired regions based on targeted geographical areas and outputs a list of quick-service competitors. This includes item-level detail of the competition’s menus (like descriptions, item counts, and pricing). Every month it receives updates, ensuring full comprehension of new menu additions, limited time offerings (LTOs), and pricing changes. Using all of this valuable information, the chain develops a menu and pricing that customers respond favorably to, as well as a strategic understanding of local market menu trends that would not otherwise be understood by the head office. The seamless mapping of Unified Data via its API onto the chain’s existing targeted territories and sales plans makes things easy.

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Menu-Level Detail

Spot notable menu trends and sales opportunities using data pulled from 500,000+ North American menus. See what other restaurants are selling and which menu items are popular.

Brand-Level Detail

Track specific brands – including competitors – over time. Monitor brand sales in different restaurant segments and compare menus and pricing across multiple brands so you can make profitable decisions.

Monthly Updates

Receive monthly notifications with up-to-date, actionable, and accurate data – no matter what filters or datasets you’ve set up or data points you want to track! Stay informed so you can make the right moves.

Online Presence

Discover which restaurants have a presence online… and which don’t. Start accessing these one-of-a-kind nuggets of information today to identify opportunities and learn more about your competition.