Case Study: Real estate team seeking retrofit options finds answers with Open/Close Report

Case Study 004
Solution Use Case Company Segment
Open Close Report Unit Expansion Fast-Casual


Unified Data collects information from the menus of all North American restaurants that have a physical address and permanent location. Utilizing our robust consumer-facing menu discovery platform, we then pinpoint and analyze the consumer behaviour patterns found within 36 million+ North American-based searches performed on 500,000+ menus. This provides us with more than 40 billion data points that our proprietary algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence draws from to identify valuable consumer, menu, and ingredient trends and insights. Tracking North American restaurants with physical addresses also enables us to determine which ones are currently open, recently closed, or just newly opened. To ensure unerring accuracy, our platform and corresponding reports are updated monthly with new restaurants (newly opened, currently open, and closed), new menus (and changes to existing ones), adjusted hours of operation and other attributes such as current online ordering partners.


In this case, the restaurant’s main challenge was to identify real estate with existing reusable infrastructure (retrofits) in desirable geo-specific territories. Site selection with this retrofit criterion is difficult information to obtain. Unit expansion is the main growth driver for this restaurant concept.


Unified Data offers the perfect solution: our Store Connect Open/Close Report, which provides specific details about all permanently closed restaurants in user-specified geographical areas. This capability enables the restaurant’s real estate development team to identify existing locations with the necessary infrastructure to fit the eatery’s needs for future unit expansion – without spending a lot of time or money. In fact, it only took the restaurant one month to realize its ROI with Unified Data.

At a glance

Location-Level Detail

Extract valuable insights from data as granular as store location. Given chain menus, formats, and technologies can all vary by location, this specificity matters. Unified Data gives you a complete picture.

Segment-Level Detail

Easily compare the metrics of chain restaurants against independent ones and drill down into the data by restaurant segment, cuisine type, and more. Track the market thatʼs relevant to your business.

Monthly Updates

Find out which restaurants have newly opened, re-opened, temporarily closed, or permanently closed within days of month end. Rest assured that Unified Data’s information is up-to-date and accurate.

Review by Geography

Zero in on the information that matters to you. Utilize Unified Data’s fully customizable menu discovery platform to filter data by state/province, city, or town. Spot the markets that are in growth or decline.