May 3, 2022 Copy Link

879 restaurants permanently closed in the US in April, down 51% from March and the lowest since last summer.  New restaurant openings increase 71% to 1469.  This is the first month since we began measuring the market over a year ago that we have a net positive number of restaurant openings.  84 of the new restaurant openings were Pizza operators. 


In Canada, there were 82 restaurants that permanently closed in April.  That’s down 54% from April  and the lowest number of closings in the past 12 months.  There were 124 openings in April, relatively consistent to the 128 openings in March.  47 of the openings were in Ontario.


“Whiskey” continues to be a featured ingredient in menu items, from TGI Friday’s Crispy Whiskey Combo to Dunkin’s Iced Shamrock Macchiato restaurants are using whiskey as a distinctive ingredient to drive sales and profit margins.  Unified Data’s Menu Connect lets you search the descriptions of menu items of all restaurant brands with 10 or more locations.

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